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Supporting the Mission of 340B

Communities rely on savings generated by 340B. Our mission is to ensure program compliance while maximizing 340B savings for the benefit of the communities served.  Since our first client relationship in 2011, RPh Innovations (RPHI) has remained focused on providing agile service and technology that champions access to 340B savings for Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies.

What clients are saying about RPh Innovations

Chief Executive Officer

RPh Innovation's knowledge and experience has opened the doors to new collaborations within our community to bring about improved patient care and financial performance. 

340B Program Manager

RPh Innovations has been simply the BEST and easiest to work with for all our 340B needs. Having a dedicated, knowledgeable & thorough account manager assigned to our team has proved to be the greatest decision for our 340B program!  I would highly recommend RPHI.